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Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Both these wines sparked a great talk about evolution versus creation. Now i am sure you all know my take on evolution but it is always great to hear other peoples input and interpretaion. I also think a couple bottles of wine make people a bit more comfortable to voice their opinion.
In fact i think these wines represent an evoluton of wine.

Redwood Creek. New world style of wine with jammy fruits and medium tannins. Even had a warm stewed fruit aftertaste. Slightly sweet on the pallet.  Very reasonable price.

los800. Spanish priorat that is more old world style. Blend of Garnacha, Carignan, Cabernet, and syrah. Much more rustic and earthy. Hints of Plum, tar and cherrys.
These wines certainly represent a contrast for our evening just like people have differing views on evolution. Therfore do not ever discredit a wine because it is not one you would not normally try. It may be from a style you would not choose but it may be an excellent quality wine waiting for you to open your mind a bit and see the wine from another point of view. Try a wine from a category you try to stay away from. Branch out.
Carpe Vinum