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Monday, 15 August 2011

Budget French Wine- Plan Pegau

Sometimes knowing the back story of a wine helps in finding a value that is not always available. Especially in confusing wine regions in Europe. That is where boutique wine stores can be your greatest asset in comparison to your boxed wine store. Most often the staff will know where the wine is from and some info about the winery. My most recent purchase was one from the Rhone Valley and was called Plan Pegau (2009) from the Domaine du Pegau. This Domaine makes a few fabulous Chateauneuf du Pape's that are priced around $99. Great wine but we do not all have $100 to spend on every day wine. (hopefully someday.)  This is where 'Table wine' in france can be a score. The winery describes this wine as 'From fields outside the appellation and maybe some rapĂ© from Pegau.'  Rape means left over juice, skins or crush from a previous harvest. Also can be a winery way of 'disposing' of extra juice from an excellent harvest.
This wine was far superior to a table wine, i would say it received a lot of 'Rape' from the higher end wines made in this winery. So if you are looking for a entry level priced wine to explore some of what the Rhone has to offer give this one a shot.