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Monday, 12 September 2011

Foie Gras Overdose!!

I have been hunting for a good supply of Foie for a while now. It turns out that if you have friends in the food service industry that you just need to ask a favor and they are more than willing to help out. I was blessed to find out that a new friend was willing to order in a whole lobe for me from the blue pear. (Why not make it 2 if you are going to order one) Yeeha! This is the beginning to a night of foie overdose.
I had to call in the big guns. ( @chefjered ). I need to find out how to clean and prepare the foie. Up till now all i knew was how to eat it :)
We came up with a few ideas on how to serve the treat and invited some friends over.
It is amazing how many people in YEG have never had or are not willing to even try something like this. I am glad to have very adventurous friends!

So @chefjered and i began to prepare and cut the foie. What an experience. The advice we received was to heat the knife up and let the knife melt through the foie. It worked very well and before long we had some in the hot pan sizzling.

Now i like to think of myself as an unofficial expert on this subject. Only due to the volume of dishes sampled. This was so exciting for me to try and prepare on my own.

Grilled Cheese with a twist
The first Creation of the night was a mini baguette grilled cheese sandwich with anjou pear and dubliner cheese. Topped off with foie and fried in the foie fat. Rich and over the top. Yum.

The second creation was a lentil, root vegetable pan fry topped with a slab of foie. This was a more traditional french dish and was great.

The third dish was inspired by a local restaurant 'Bistro LaPersaud'. Savory truffle french toast topped with foie spread. Nom Nom!!
Foie and Lentils

The last idea we had was to play with the salty sweet combo. We layered from the bottom up, Brownie topped with sliced strawberries, slice of pan fried foie, icing sugar, and sea salt. I was hocked by how well the flavors all worked together.

After we served a deconstructed flavor plate with smoked paprika, white pepper, sea salt and xtra rare foie. This was a kitchen treat for @chefjered and i to enjoy after our hard work. Not to mention all the delicious wine we also had that night to pair with.
Simply put a night to remember.

Brownie topped with strawberry and foie
The wines we had are as follows
1. 2010 Stags Leap Viognier
2. 2003 Beaurenard Chat. du Pape
3. 2010 Champalou Sparkling Vouvray
4. 2009 Drouphin Laforet Bourgogne Pinot Noir
5.2010 Errazuriz Late Harvest Sauv Blanc (noble rot)