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Friday, 25 November 2011

When buying wine as a Christmas gift for your special person...

1) Just because it comes in a 4 litre box doesn't mean it will be appreciated 4 times as much.

2) Wine labels with cute bears and cuddling baby penguins do not necessarily taste cute and cuddly.

3) A wine that comes with a free John Deere cap may not be appreciated by your mother in law quite as much as you might think. Unless of course if she loves tractors, then you have a winner on your hands!

4) Cans are good for soup, beans and tuna. Opening a can of wine is not as romantic as popping a bottle of bubbly.

5) Buying wine based on the highest alcohol level is not an indicator of quality. Try the Canadian Club aisle instead.

6) Try the wine before you give it. Buy a bottle for yourself and have a glass. Don't assume it is good or you may end up giving away a bottle of paint thinner with a pretty label.

7) Lastly. Don't be a snob! Wine does not have to be expensive to be great quality. Look for values $$