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Thursday, 15 March 2012

WIne Century Club!

Well its now official. I am a member of the Prestigious Wine Century Club. To become a member of  this club you need to drink at least 100 different varietals of wine. Im a seasoned wine drinker so this should be easy?
Its not.
First time i tried to fill out the form i only came up with 65. I then took on the long journey of hunting down specific and rare varietals. This was difficult in my home market as many wine retailers do not like to stock things like 'blaufrankish' and 'Dzhani' etc. I had to start hunting things down. Once i thought i had tried enough new varietals i refilled out the application again. Only 85. Boo
Thats when i decided to look at the wines i was drinking even closer. I thouught about things like Tokaji. It includes 6 varietals such as Harslevelu and Furmint . Thats easy. With that and a few closer looks at portugese wines i was easily up to 104. Application mailed in.
6-8 weeks later I'm in. So excited!
A big thanks to Steve De Long and Deborah De Long for inclusion in theis group.
I will display this certificate with pride.