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Thursday, 3 October 2013


I am a wine nerd. I will admit that. I love almost everything about wine. Books, Magazines, conferences, blogs, and until now poorly made movies about wine :)
Somm brings a refreshing upgrade in quality to a film about a wine exam. It is hard to believe that a documentary about the Court of Master Sommeliers Exam could be so interesting to the general public but it has remained in the top of the ITunes Chart for Documentaries for weeks now since its release on ITunes June 21st.  Sold out shows across North America with packed theaters.
Viewers get to become a part of the exam with one of the lowest pass rates in history. Less than 200 people have passed this exam in the 40+ years it has been available. Yet Sommeliers from all around try year after year to pass an almost unbeatable exam.  The movie follows a group of Sommelier friends that study together and challenge the exam together. In the process of watching these "SOMM's" train and prepare you get a glimpse into the regimented and grueling life they put up with before the exam.
Your not just learning about the grapes. You are learning about the people and the culture. The food and history of the area. "When you study wine you study history. " These dedicated students share about why they are willing to endure this lifestyle and exam.

"I am nervous but think about how nervous my wines are. Sitting in their glasses about to be devoured"

As a WSET Advanced wine drinker I have had to endure the battle of blind wine tasting. The way your mind plays tricks on you and the intense pressure to identify the notes and flavors of the wine. With that said one of my favorite comments in the film is, "The skill of Blind tasting is learned. A great samurai sword maker is someone who had a teacher, who had a teacher, who had a teacher. We think about this with wine and think that someone must be a natural.  But we never think that someone is just a natural at making swords. "

Paraphrased- it takes practice. Why do people feel like if they don't get it naturally that they are not wine people?  I have developed my skill as a Blind taster and can agree that it takes time. You have to train your pallet like you go to the gym.

4:10 seconds per wine
The movie is a great success as it draws wine connoisseurs and non- Wine drinkers alike into the story.  It does not presume that you are a wine aficionado to understand the content of the movie but I do think it will inspire. Enjoy this movie with a bottle of wine and get ready to join in to the obsessed and intense world of the Court of Master Sommeliers.

 2010 Moulin a Vent Domaine du Dime
$26 bottle. Canmore Wine Merchants.
Paired with Chicago mix popcorn. :)

Light in ruby color. Even in color throughout.

Notes of tobacco and sour cherry. Red twizzlers
Low tannins   Gentle but lingering acidity. (Grainy texture)
Medium plus alcohol

Carmell says that her conclusion is;  this wine Is light but does not leave you disappointed.  Complex for a lighter wine.

Great Movie Wine to share :)