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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Dirty Wine Names

We all know that Sex Sells. Marketing can influence purchasers of all products. Then why has it taken so long for wine producers to start branding with suggestive labels and names?
It is very common for me to hear someone saying 'I pick a wine based on the Label' or 'This wine matches the decor in this house'. So the oenophiles out there cannot be disappointed when dirty or suggestive labels appear. In fact I am shocked it has taken this long for them to become mainstream.  If fact some of these wines are actually very good. Shocking right? I would assume that a wine with a very dirty label would be terrible and that they would be relying on the branding to sell the wine. Not always so.
Therefore here are my Top 5 Dirty or Suggestive Wine Names. Some take a bit of a junior High mentality to find funny so now we know that I am still just a teenage boy sometimes. I hope you find these as funny as I do.  Ha Ha

5) Fetish Wines - Playmates
This wine has notes of Male Chauvinism with subtle undertones of Leather. 

4)Fourplay Wine - Rosso
This wine smells like awkward first date and has a long satisfying finish.

3) Volcanic Hills - Eruption
This wine starts very slow but has quite a big finish.
2)Menage a Trois.
This bold wine comes across very forward but ends in humiliation.

1)Four Skins
This wine has pairs excellently with aged cheese and has a very 'Gentile' or gentle approach. Warning: This wine is not Kosher.