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Friday, 3 June 2011

Reisling mmmm

Some people think Riesling is for old Lady's and teenagers. Partly they are correct. There is a large pile of cheap and  terrible Riesling that should be reserved for Oma's but there are also wonderful treats out there that should be enjoyed by all wine enthusiasts.
What makes a good Riesling? Well a good start is where it comes from. Just like most wine if it is region specific it is a good start. Instead of buying a cheap 'german' wine buy one from the Mosel, in Germany. Instead of buying 'australian', buy from Clare Valley, in Australia. That way you can experience the flavors of the area. There are excellent quality Rieslings from all over the wine growing world.
Some generic things to keep in mind.
Typically new world regions (USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc...) are drier and more citrus.
Old world regions (Germany, Alsace, Austria, etc...) have more of a mineral slate and will most often have an off dry to sweet pallet.
Those are very basic generalizations and there are certainly opposite style from both old world and new world Rieslings.
The wine pictured above was brought over to enjoy last night by a great friend (insert jered joke here)
This is a wine from the heart of the Mosel region and was a true treat.
2007 PRUM Auslese
It was quite bright in the glass and had a small effervescence to it (tiny bubbles)
The nose was jam packed full of petrol, burnt rubber, stone fruit (peaches) and lemon zest.
The pallet was off dry to sweet but the acidity was mouth watering.  This is a must buy for any Riesling lover or someone who is just want to see what good Riesling should taste like.
I have seen this available in a few stores in town.
Which brings me to the fact that these can age as long as you think you can wait to drink and if you look close you may even find a vintage one available on the shelf from as far back as 1985.
Carpe Vinum