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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Wine Post #1 - Beaujolais nouveau

Alright, lets get to wine. Now this is a 2009 'Crus du Beajolais' from the small AOC of Chenas. I Will spare you all the history of the region and just say that it is in the north part of the region and is termed a Beaujolais Nouveau. Normally this is a wine to be enjoyed young. Usually 100% Gamay.  Do not cellar nouveau wines for more than a couple years. This wine was picked up at Devine Wines downtown.
First off I have to say i opened this wine last night with my wife and found it very tight. Could not pull much out of it. Corked it back up and let it sit overnight. Yes i am drinking in the morning :)  Sorry Mom. Much better now. If you do pick this one up make sure you decant well ahead of time.

My wine notes will be simple.
Ruby red in color with  a hint of purple. Clear sight through.
Nose of wild flowers and warm red fruits. (last night there was NO fruit)
Pallet is medium acidity with moderately low tannins.
Medium to short length in the mouth.
This is where I get to make my biased comments.
OK not stunning. This wine would be what i would look for if I had dry roast beef and plain potatoes. Something not to bold that will refresh you pallet between dry beef bites. Otherwise i would not pair this with food. Maybe just to chill down and enjoy at dusk on the patio. For the price I would say it is acceptable.
Thanks for reading.
Carpe Vinum