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Monday, 13 June 2011

superstore top 10

Although i do most of my shopping for wine at boutique wine stores i still love to find value at larger stores as well. What i love about the boutique is the staff knowledge and selection of rare and quality wines. what i do not like about mass market stores is the lack of knowledge and the need to wade through many poor wines to fine anything of value. Funny that the one most common question i get asked is what wine should i buy from Costco, superstore, western cellars, etc.
Well here is instalment #1 of what to buy: Superstore.
These are my top picks not only for quality but of course for the budget.  We do need to keep in mind that everyday wine does not have to cost piles of cash to be enjoyable. Also i am comparing value for dollar so please do not be upset if i miss your favorite wine.
PS. I was going to do a top ten but came out with 12 pics instead. More is always better right?
12. Louis Jadot Chardonnay.

 11. Dogajolo Toscano- IGT Tuscan Blend

10.  Torres of Spain- Mas La Plana- Cabernet

9. Monte Antico- Tuscano- IGT Sangiovese blend
8. The Show- California Cabernet
7. Castillo de Monseran-  Spain Carinana
6. Norton- Argentina Malbec (reserva)
5. Torres of Chile- Manso de Velasco- Cabernet
4. Zenato- Ripasso Valpolicella
3. Caymus- California Cabernet
2. Montes Alpha- Chile- Cabernet
1. Kung Fu Girl- Washington Riesling
These are in no particular order. There are all certainly excellent value buys. Each of the photos should have the prices in them. Please let me know some feedback about my list.
Carpe Vinum!