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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Tokaji Aszu

I am not an expert on Tokaji but i am certainly a fan. I have read many articles and talked to many pro's that have excited a crave in me. Tonight i shared a bottle of 2000 Chateau Magyer Tokaji with some great friends. My experience with tokaji is limited so i will try to comment on the experience and not on comparison.
Small background. Tokaji is a hungarian wine from the tokaji region. Yes i did say hungary. Not really famous in canada for great wine but in europe Tokaji has been rocking people since the early 1600's. The grapes are very obscure and i am sure i cannot pronounce any of them. Normally comes in a few levels. Dry, Aszu (#3 to #6), essence or Eszencia.
What makes tokaji so interesting is that it is a white wine effected by botrytis (noble rot) and then a 'paste' is made from the affected wine that is used in combination with a regular off dry white wine. Then it is fermented and aged for a minimum of 18 monthes to 4 years before release for sale. Some people boast that the essence or higher quality aszu can age for 200+ years.
This particular wine was lower on the sweet scale. Only a number 4. It was still very evident of residual sugar. It was thick/syrupy on the pallet and had a very distinct botrytis nose. Nutty and rich.
One thing that stood out to me was that it still maintained a good level of acidity that made the wine feel fresh and clean. Great buy from DeVine Wines downtown Edmonton. Thanks J&L for enjoying this with me :)
Tokaji Aszu 2000 Megyer

Cheers! Carpe Vinum!