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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Dry Riesling

I have been very lax on my blogging lately so i want to apologise to my followers. It seams as though my time to write has been swallowed up by life's more important things i.e. family, friends, work etc.
Well here i am on the brink of a seafood adventure. I am heading out to the Atlantic province of New Brunswick tomorrow and in celebration of my soon to come shell fish gluttony I thought it was fitting to try a new Riesling.  I am normally more of an off-dry, classic German style, Mosel Riesling fan but today we venture to a different style. Bone dry, High acid, crisp and sharp Aussie Riesling. Boy was I pleasantly surprised.
Alkoomi Frankland River 2008.
The current release for this winery is 2009.   This Frankland River selection is one of their site specific wines.
I found the wine to have a great mineral nose. Burnt rubber and Petrol were certainly there but in a subtle and pleasing way.
The palate was very clean. Hints of effervescence. High acid (to be expected).
Lime zest and peaches are my follow up fruits.

This would be one heck of a seafood wine! I am glad i gave it a year before tasting. I think the time has helped take the edge off the wine and added some older Riesling notes.  For those looking to pick some up I found this one at Vines Riverbend and would certainly recommend for others to as well.

I have stuffed only one bottle of wine to take with me as i will find it an adventure to see what i can find in New Brunswick for wine. But i had to take with me a Signorello Seta for a big lobster feast. Should be delicious.

Carpe Vinum