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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Aglianico- Italian IGT

Aglianico is a grape I am just becoming familiar with. It is a local grape grown in a few Italian regions. Some have been found north of Tuscany and some as low as Campania. This week I have enjoyed 2 different Aglianico's and it is amazing the difference in the styles. Some grapes seem to be made in a very similar style and I think this is one that is still varied from producer to producer.
The history as I understand is this grape has been grown in Italy for years. Brought there by the greeks.It is not exported near as much as the main stream grape varietals. It is often found in smaller parcels and smaller wineries.
Some rumors even say that before this grape was clasified as an 'IGT' Grape it was produced under the disguise as other well known grapes.
The first wine I enjoyed was a Dei Fuedi Di San Gregorio. I was not a huge fan of this wine. There was nothing wrong with this one but i felt it was lacking in dimension. Warm red fruits and hints of lavender and tar.  It had low acid and low to medium tannins. Nothing at all stood out to me in particular with this wine. I would have expected more from this winery.
The second wine I had was from Villa Matilde.
This wine was much more complex and i quite enjoyed it. Still ripe red fruits but this came accross with a much nicer mouth feel. Full body, even tannins, with a chewey velvety texture. Plum and hints of chocolate. All around a richer experience.